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Special Interest Trips

I'm sorry, I really meant to let you know sooner just how much of a wonderful time I had. After returning to Dehradun I moved to Shimla the next day and have had intermittent Internet access since. :

Yes, lovely. No tiger sightings but being abslutely honest I would have considered that an additional bonus anyway. In terms of the overall "package" experience I was very pleased. The Wildcrest is a lovely hotel - much posher than those I'm more used to! And their Internet site really doesn't do them justice as I was far more impressed than their site led me to expect. The driver, Saqeel (not sure if the spelling is right) was great, as were the guides.

In terms of Corbett itself, apart from having lost much of the grasslands and therefore trails as well due to the amount of rainfall, the whole experience of being under such large trees, both size & quantity, and spending quiet time, just sitting, watching and listening was such a refreshing and beautiful experience and I would definately consider coming back in a few years time.

I came away with over 1000 useable-ish photographs and nearly 5 hours of video tape yet to be sorted.

Slightly disapointed that I had to pay for my elephant ride - as I'd thought that was within the "package" - but that was an interesting experience. Certainly one thing I've learnt though is that in those types of environments you really need to have as many camera bodies as lenses that you intend to use as lens swapping with some much dust is a real no-no!

So, thoroughly enjoyed and thoroughly satisfied.


Thanks very much for sorting out our Sunderbans trip. All the arrangements worked fine and we really enjoyed ourselves. We appreciated the chance to see the local village and go fishing as well as the wildlife watching. Both Tanmoy Ghosh and the local guides were very helpful and we appreciated their ability to spot and to identify so many birds.


I would just like to say that i had a fantastic time at the tiger reserve and saw tigers on both the morning and afternoon excursions! They were amazing and so close to our jeep.
Everything went perfectly so many thanks for all your efforts.

Shannon Vyvyan

A Satisfactory visit!!

Corbett was excellent and Ranthambore was also very good (except for the safari vehicles). The people, everybody was really nice and friendly. Excellent level of service. On an overall basis the food was good but lacked some variety. I would like to go to different parks on a history and cultural tour.
I think you have done an excellent job Manoj!!!!

Kerstin Bjellerup

One of the best holidays I have had!! An excellent tour.

I liked the Jeep Safari in Corbett
The Village outside hotel in Corbett was fascinating.
The Organisation of every detail of the trip was PERFECT!!

Johan and Lena Holmdahl

I liked the mixture of Nature & Culture. Really enjoyed the stay in Forest Rest House in Corbett. Would have liked to have stayed there some X-tra days because of simplicity of coming out in the Nature.
An excellent Tour.

Annika Kroon

An excellent tour!!

Your guide Laxmi is EXCELLENT!!

Christer and Eva Granbom

One of the best holidays I have had!!

The quality of the guides, knowledge about so much of wildlife…..OUTSTANDING.

Annette Lundberg

I would be happy to provide reference for either the quality of the tour or the financial arrangements for money transfer. We all feel a little concerned when we transfer money to a name on the internet.

Accommodations….. Excellent no problems in any hotel.
All guides had very good knowledge.
An excellent tour.

Docter David Jones

“Grand Tour of Tiger land”

Wildlife drives were excellent and sightseeing very interesting.

Well briefed about the itinerary.

All Accommodation – Satisfactory.

To sum it – A satisfactory visit.

Barrie and Beryl Puttock

“Nature Trip”

One of the best holidays we have had.

 From Start to the end we have really enjoyed ourselves and experienced enormously. In only 10 days both Culture and Nature, wildlife and the everyday life in India.

2 nights in Agra instead of Bharatpur was a perfect solution for us.
One more- Many thanks and we hope to return!!!

Carolina Anestam

“Tiger Safari”

An excellent Tour.

We had a great time and a tight schedule which I like. I’m very satisfied with the trip and our driver. Great that we visited both parks and Agra.

Charlotta Aberg

Dear Manoj,

Many thanks for a prefect arrangement that was very efficient, interesting and has learnt us a lot in an only 2 weeks.

Many of the sightings will be remembered for the rest of our lives. Especially the beautiful day in Dudhwa with Rhinos and Tigers.

Peter Hunger

One of the best Holidays I have had….Friendly and helpful people.

FANTASTIC to see wildlife (Tigers and other animals) in their natural habitat. It is also good that people seem to care a lot about this treasure of India.

Jan and Erik Westerberg

"One of the best holidays we have had."

We were very well received… Excellent availability of Accommodation….Vehicles used were very comfortable. Meeting with such kind hearted people- a very pleasant experience indeed.

Emelie and Mathilda Pettersson

"A Satisfactory visit"

The safaris were good. The local guides were good in Agra and Jaipur.

Eivor Palmquist and Carl Nystrom

"An excellent tour"

We were well taken care about, everybody has been kind and nice and knowledgeable and you took us too good and interesting shopping places. The Parks were well chosen….the small changes made to the original program were all improvements.

Bo and Kerstin Helander

"An excellent tour"

We were well briefed about the program…accommodation -always very nice and in beautiful surroundings. The jeep rides were good.

Laxmi's attention and letting us have his binoculars and helping us find the birds etc -but even your "helping hands" and every so nice attention, made the trip to something special we will not forget.

Irene and Hendrik Hut

Irene and Hendrik Hut