Tigers, Lions & Elephants


Tigers, Lions & Elephants

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Itinerary Summary

This itinerary combines thee major large mammals apart form offering large variety to Geographical region from Sal forest of Central India to Dry stunted forest of Gir and arid flat land of runn of Kutch , the teak forest of South and lush rain forest of Kerala. This also combines with cultural diversity of cross section of India. This tour offers travel by 4 x 4 Vehicles, Elephant back and Boats. The accommodation are varied and comfortable.


  • Day 1 Delhi

    Zinabad Wildlife Tours, Indian Wildlife Tour, Wildlife Travel Packages Late evening arrive Delhi. Meeting and assistance on arrival and transfer to Hotel for overnight.

  • Day 2 Delhi.

    Morning city tour of Delhi. Full day City tour of Old and new Delhi. Our most unique visit of this great capital begins with New Delhi, passing through elegant President House, India Gate then Rickshaw ride through old Delhi `s colorful shopping bazaars. Starting at the imposing Jama Majzid , India`s commercial heart of the city, passing a multitude a brightly bedecked stalls where Indians buy everything from wedding jewels to spices, silk brocade to sweets , This is a true insider`s look at real India. In the afternoon we explore the city`s other prime highlights; the Tomb of Mughal emperor Humayun, believed to have served as the model for Taj Mahal; the 234-ft-high, 12th -C. Qutub Minar and Gandhi`s Memorial.

    Meals and brief overnight at the Hotel.

  • Day 3 Delhi - Nagpur - Kanha

    Wildlife Holiday Packages, Wildlife Tours India, Indian Wildlife Tours Early morning transfer to airport for flight to Nagpur 0555/0845.On arrival drive to Kanha National Park ( 7 hours drive). On arrival Transfer to the resort.Afternoon free. Meals and overnight at the resort.

  • Day 4 Kanha

    Morning Jungle excursion to Kanha National Park by Jeeps and elephants.Tiger Tours India, Indian Wildlife Tours, Wildlife Tour Packages Wildlife activity is at its height early in the day. To make the most of our time, tea and coffee are served each morning before departing. Breakfast is later in the field. Set on the Chota Nagpur Plateau, Kanha provides breathtaking vistas of grassy plains and stands of mixed sal/teak forest. The many streams are edged by large groves of willowy bamboo. This vast 1000 sq Km preserve was not only set aside to protect the tiger, but to save the endangered barasingha as well. These beautiful deer are spectacular to watch as they graze in the forest meadows. In addition, Kanha is one of the best places in the world to view the secretive Indian Guar( Commonly Indian Bison) which is the largest cattle in the world and the rare Dhole or Indian Hunting Dog. While in Kanha, wildlife viewing is done from open 4x4 Open Vehicles and elephants. During breakfast each day, guide finds out if and where the mahouts have spotted tiger. We then wait our turn to view the tiger by elephant back. We return to the resort each day for lunch, then return to the park mid-afternoon for additional game viewing opportunities.

    Meals and overnight at the resort.

  • Day 5 Kanha

    Morning and evening Jungle Safari by 4 x 4 vehicles and Elephants. Meals and overnight at the resort.

  • Day 6 Kanha - Nagpur

    Morning Jungle excursion. After early Lunch leave for Nagpur. Ona rrival Transfer to Hotel Pride for Dinner and overnight.

  • Day 7 Nagpur - Mumbai - Rajkot - Gir

    Lion - Gir National Park, Wildlife Tours & TravelMorning transfer to airport for flight to Mumbai to connect flight to Rajkot. On arrival drive to Sasan Gir ( three hours drive). On arrival transfer to Gir Safari Lodge. Evening excursions to Gir National Park the Last hold of the Asian Lion. Also seen are Antelopes like Nialgai and chinkara ( Indian Gazelle) and unique four horned antelope, Deer like the Sambar and chital, wild boar, Leopard and crocodiles. Peacocks, paradise fly catcher, King fishers, Indian roller and tree pie are some of the colorful birds.

    Dinner and overnight at the Lodge.

  • Day 8 Gir

    Morning and evening Jungle excursions to the Gir National Park.Meals and overnight at the Lodge.

  • Day 9 Gir - Zinabad

    Zinabad Wildlife Tours, Indian Wildlife Tour, Wildlife Travel Packages Morning Drive to Zinabad situated in the Little Runn of Kutch on the outskirts of Wild Ass Sanctuary. It is a stunning area, which is completely flat country, hard ground and almost no vegetation. Horizon is often merged with mirage to disillusion you as vast bodies of water in the desert land. It is the best place to see the most rare and endangered Kur ( Indian Wild Ass) . Surprisingly one can approach them quite close on foot. This place also is famous for thousands of common and Domicile cranes, flamingoes, and large number of desert birds. On arrival we check in at Desert Cruiser Camp - an interesting mud huts in a desert Setting. The place is owned and managed by the Erstwhile rulers of are region who personally look after the comfort of the guest.

  • Day 10 Zinabad

    Morning and evening excursions to the Little runn of Kutch to see its varied wildlife, landscape, salt panning and the culture of the people.Meals and overnight at the Camp.

  • Day 11  Zinabad - Ahemdabad - Bangalore

    Morning drive to Ahemdabad flight to Bangalore 1850/2200. On arrival Transfer to Hotel.
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  • Day 12 Bangalore - Mysore - Nagarhole

    Morning drive to Mysore ( three hours) on arrival visit the impressive Mysore Palace which is one of the largest Palace in the country with art Treasures, stained glass, wall paintings, ivory inlaid doors all remarkable. Later drive to Nagarhole ( two hours) . On arrival transfer to Kabani River Lodge - it is an old hunting lodge of the Maharaja of Mysore on the banks of Kabani River. Dinner and overnight at the Lodge.

  • Day 13 Nagarhole

    Wild Dogs, Nagarhole Wildlife Tours, Indian Wildlife Tour, Wildlife Travel Packages Morning and evening excursions to Nagarhole National Park. Now know as Rajiv Gandhi National Park is rich teak forest excellent area to see herds of Wild elephants, Gaur ( Indian Bison) , Wild dogs. Journey is made by 4x4 vehicles, Corcal (round country boats) and motor boats to see the animals on the shore of lake formed by a dam on the river. It is not uncommon to see herds of 20 - 30 wild elephants and see some 10- 15 herds on the lake at one time. Other animals also seen are Sambar and Chital Deer, flying squirrels, sloth bear, monkeys- Bonnet Macaque and gray Languor. The Park is rich in Bird life with pheasants, jungle fowls, hill mynas, Green Pigeons, Paradise fly catchers, etc.

    Meals and overnight at Lodge.

  • Day 14 Nagarhole

    Morning and evening Jungle excursions. Meals and overnight at the Lodge.

  • Day 15 Nagarhole - Bangalore

    Morning jungle excursions. Later drive to Bangalore (5 hours drive) . On arrival Transfer to Hotel. Evening a brief tour of Bangalore. Dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

  • Day 16 Bangalore - Cochin - Periyar

    Elephant - Periyar, Periyar Wildlife Tour, Elephant Tour India, Wildlife Travel Packages Morning transfer to airport for flight to Cochin 1010/1105. On arrival drive to Periyar en route stopping for Lunch. On arrival Transfer to the hotel for dinner and overnight.

  • Day 17 Periyar

    Morning excursion to Pariyar by Motor Boats to see the Natures wonderful drama unfold in the rich rain forest. Animals see are herds of Wild elephants, Gaur, Wild Dogs, Otters, Sambar, Wild Boar. Also occasionally seen are Tigers and Leopards. With rich rain forest it has a unique selection of birds. During the day one car also take an opportunity to see the spice gardens.Meals and overnight at the hotel.
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  • Day 18 Periyar - Cochin - Mumbai or Delhi.

    Morning drive to Cochin airport for flight to Mumbai  1430/1615 or Delhi 1430/1855 . On arrival transfer to International Airport terminal to connect to onward destination. ( two rooms at Hotel for wash and change).

  • Day 19 Dep.

    Mumbai or Delhi.

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Ranthambhore National Park

Pench National Park

Kanha National Park

Corbett National Park

Kaziranga National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park

Sundarbans National Park

Gir National Park

Periyar National Park


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